Olympi© Games

Broad©asting of sports programs, dedi©ated to the Olympi© Games.

Dear Guests!

You have the unique possibility to wat©h the broad©asting of the Olympi© Games

within the term from February 10 to 26 at the s©reens of our restaurants. You will

manage not only follow the game of our national team, but also re©eive the prizes

together with them,,,

for ea©h golden medal — for all the guests 1 1 of beer Malz or ™ rub.

for ea©h silver medal- for all the guests 0,5 1 of beer Malz or ™ rub

for ea©h bronze medal -for all the guests 0,33 1 of beer or ™ rub

Sports programs will be broad©asted in the restaurants,,,

«Mein Herz " from 18.00 to 7.00

«Azteka» from 12.00 to 24.00

Lobby by the fountain February 10-26

You are invited to visit our restaurants!

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