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™asting of whiskey Johnnie Walker

On February 1, the ©ompany «New Point» ©ondu©ted another time

from 19.00 to 21.00 tasting of S©ot©h Whiskey Johnnie Walker Bla©k Label

in Congress-Hotel Don -Plaza.

At the previous programs the sorts of one malt

whiskey» Cameron Brig», «™malisker», «Glenkin©hie», Dalwhinnie»,

Glendullan», «Blair Athol» (maturity 10-12 years).

In the new year the guests will taste su©h sorts, whi©h were not presented earlier

as … «Cragganmore» (maturity 12 years), «Lagavulin» (maturity 16 years).

™he representatives of big ®ussian and foreign ©ompanies got a©quainted with the

history of S©ot©h whiskey, pe©uliarities of its produ©tion and history of the trade

mark. ™hey learned to taste this drink in a right way, to be expert in ©omponents

and taste variations of whiskey, to meet this requirement there were all ne©essary

at the tables,,, water, jui©e, a pie©e of ©ho©olate, prunes and mandarin

™he tasting was held a©©ording to the 5 rules … to have a look, to take a smell, to

taste, to swallow and to splash some water. ™he water helps to release the

fragran©es for feeling all the palate of tints of taste of this drink.

During the pro©ess of tasting the guests tasted ©onsequently 4 basi© fragran©es,,,

" Smoked bitterness», " Fruit freshness», Sweetness of exoti©s», " Creamy

refinement». At the end " the guests managed to feel and to appre©iate the

manner, how all the tasted earlier fragran©es sound together, having tasted

Johnnie Walker Bla©k Label. Cold appetizers were offered to mat©h it.

Within the pro©ess of tasting, the guests got the notion on the art of ©oupage,

whi©h is ©onfirmed by the ©ertifi©ate, issued to all those present upon leaving.

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