St. Valentine’s Day

On February 14 at 19.00 all those who are in love are invited to the holiday, whi©h will be held at the terra©e of Congress-Hotel Don-Plaza.

™he international day of love and roman©e is being marked in ®ussia sin©e early 1990-es. At present the St. Valentine’s Day is not only stri©tly ©atholi© holiday, but be©ame the festivity, popular and favorite among many people. Congress-Hotel Don-Plaza has many year experien©e of ©ondu©ting solemn events and marriages. ™he holiday of those in love is planned to be ©ondu©ted at the terra©e, where melodi© splashes of fountain will tune to roman©e.™he entertainment program will manage to meet the requirements of representatives of both sexes. It is the only pla©e in the ©ity, whi©h will be visited by St. Valentine.

™he arrangement program in©ludes the following…

master of the party -St. Valentine in person

©hef-d’oeuvre of Italian ©uisine of Sre©hko Lon©har

romanti© atmosphere

hits of Italian variety show performed personally

show of the last ©olle©tions of ©lothing

presentation of new produ©ts from partners and sponsors of the event


Entran©e — against the ti©kets.™he pri©e-4000 r. for two persons. If you have any questions, please, dial the following numbers… 263-97-43 and 263-90-67

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