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Pillow Menu! Exclusively for the hotel guests

Dear Guests!

We are willing to provide you with special comfort, so we pay attention to details.

We are glad to offer our unique Pillow Menu for you to choose among the following variants.

Pillow Menu

„Hypoallergenic“ (50×70, 70×70cm) — ecologically safe, does not cause allergy. The filling of the pillow undergoes a special anti-allergic and anti-bacterial processing. The pillow keeps warmth and provides free air circulation.

„Antistress“ (50×70, 70×70cm) — the pillow is best suited for relaxation after a hard working day. The process of its cover’s production involves carbon threads technology. Carbon threads interwoven into the fabric eliminate static tension and make a person relaxed.

„Exclusive“ (50×70cm) — the pillow filled with buckwheat husks possesses optimal heat conduction characteristics and breathes perfectly. It remains cool in summer and warm in winter. It is quite flexible and light. The pillow follows the bend of head and neck being a solid and reliable support for the spine. It gives a perfectly comfortable position to your body while you sleep on your back and on side. The pillow has an aroma therapeutic effect.

„Harmony“ (70×70cm) — is made for those who prefer ecologically friendly materials. The combination of delicate satin and soft cotton is considered to be the most comfortable in the world. It satisfies the taste of everybody who admires comfort.

„Riviera“ (50×70cm) — made in classic version. The pillow is soft and comfortable, giving you the best hours of sleep.

„Relax“ (80×160cm) — thanks to the unique form of the pillow the body gets an ideal position providing muscles relaxation.

„Dolce Vita“ (50×70cm) — a pillow with an orthopedic effect. It eliminates load from the neck, supports the backbone and gives an ideally comfortable position to your body

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