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The men’s club Hypnosis

The men’s club Hypnosis

The men’s club «Hypnosis» is a place for real men. The intriguing music, mysterious play of shadows and seductive aroma are mixed here to create the intimate atmosphere of the club. The comfortable VIP zone, bar with a good selection of cocktails, elite alcohol and cigars, and private rooms for special guests will let you relax. Daily shows and courteous staff will help you find yourself in the world of your inmost desires. Enjoy a cocktail of temptation and passion!

Only for you:

  • Explicit show programmes
  • Original choreography
  • Crazy menu
  • Fascinating light shows
  • Theme parties

Have a good time by your own rules! Let us arrange your stag party in the Hypnosis Club, or you can invite us to your place to add some zest to your celebration. An unforgettable present is a certificate for a private dance performed by the most beautiful dancers of Rostov.

Everything that takes place in Hypnosis stays indoors.

For more information, call us at +7 (863) 270-66-00.

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